Paprika Smoke Tin 75g

Kg/each: 75g
Units/box: 72

Paprika Sweet Tin 75g

Kg/each: 75g
Units/box: 72

Paprika Sweet 2kg

Kg/each: 2kg
Units/box: 10

Paprika Sweet 900g

Kg/each: 900g
Units/box: 8

The paprika POTE is unique for the richness of its flavour and its unique aroma. Peppers are left on the vine until late in the season to allow their natural sugars to fully develop. After picking they are set out in the sun to dry slowly, then smoked over smouldering oak fires. The drying goes on very slowly for ten to fifteen days (quite a contrast to high heat commercial ovens that can do the deed in a matter of hours). This leaves the paprika with a fantastic, one of a kind, smoky flavour. Finally the dried peppers are stone ground into their powdered paprika form. As a result of its unique flavour, pimentón POTE brings something special to any dish in which it’s used. No other paprika will ever come close to matching its exceptional flavour. It is one of the small, often overlooked ingredients that´s essential to recreating the authentic flavours of many unique Spanish dishes. A quick sprinkling of Pimentón POTE can transform seemingly simple dishes like potato salad, scrambled eggs, roast pork, or baked chicken into really memorable meals. It’s also excellent cooked into rice dishes, along with a bit of sliced chorizo and some chopped Piquillo peppers. Pimentón POTE is available in hot, smoked and sweet versions so you can choose it according to your taste.